About Me

Allow me to introduce myself my name is Evalyn Michelle. I am a mother of two and I consider myself extremely blessed by God to be their mother. 

I’ve been obsessed with the beauty industry since I was about 14. I received my cosmetology license in 2008 and have been doing hair, makeup, and skincare since then. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development. 

As much as I love beauty tools and products I must admit that I believe in true inner beauty. You can look for it outside yourself, but you will never find it. I’m all about beauty from the inside out. When you love yourself unconditionally then your beauty that is already within you will blossom even more.  I believe in feeding and nourishing our bodies, minds, hearts and souls daily to grow towards our best selves.

I love meeting all kinds of wonderful people all over the world. It’s super exciting and I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to do something for a living that brings me so much joy. I love being able to teach women how easy and fun makeup and skincare can be.

No matter where I am in life my main goal is to make people happy, smile and laugh. I like to keep positive energy everywhere I go. By being in the beauty industry I get to do this every day. There is nothing more rewarding than making people feel good about themselves.


Your time and energy is precious so thank you very much for getting to know me.

#bekindspreadlove #goodvibesonly #usingbeautytodogood

John 16:33

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone”

– Audrey Hepburn




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