Tips on keeping your makeup sanitary




Having clean makeup really extends the life of your products & it prevents facial breakouts.



Keep a small spray bottle with alcohol in your makeup kit


Wash your brushes in baby shampoo & dry them at an angle so the water doesn’t mess up the wooden handle


Wash the beauty blender with baby shampoo & air dry or blow dry


Eyeshadows: Skim the top layer of the shadow with a tissue and then spritz it quickly with isopropyl alcohol & let it dry.


If you have a pot of moisturizer or use any makeup product in a jar don’t use your finger, use a small spatula


Eyelash Curler : pour some rubbing alcohol on a a cotton pad and wipe the pads clean weekly. Replace the pads every few months


Turn your lipstick tube up slightly, and wipe off the top layer of lipstick, just with a tissue.  Then, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a glass  and dip the exposed lipstick into the alcohol for 30 seconds.  Then, remove it and gently dab the alcohol off and allow to dry.


Keep in mind, some products cannot be sanitized, in which case, you should not keep them longer than the recommended shelf life. Such items include loose powders, mascaras, liquid eye liners, cream products and any product that you reinsert the applicator after use

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