Bubble Bath

 I appreciate the calming simplicity of a relaxing bath before her bedtime. Helps my toddler (who is full of energy 😀) get calm & ready for dreamland. 


She loves lots of bubbles & all her hello kitty dolls for bath time 🎀👑💞

Spring Shoes Haul

Picked up some shorts from Crazy8 for my little one   🙂 We also decided to get some spring shoes at Baby Gap, it’s so crazy how fast these little feet grow.  



 Dress from Baby Gap               

Have fun! Show your child that reading is enjoyable

I try to read at least 20 books a month to Gianna, some books we read over and over again 🙂 We love going to the library to play & read different books! I’ve been reading to her since she was in the womb.   


Toys R Us Coupon 👌

I love how Toys R Us send me coupons for diapers in the mail ! Lord knows we love saving money💸 especially on Pampers. I’ve  tried other brands but nothing compares to Pampers, they are the best!!! 👶 

Toddler Haul

Hubby picked & ordered



Colorful SweatPants (super comfy) Navy, black, blue, pink


When she gets out of the pool (swimming lessons will start soon)


Birdy pullover


Can never have enough sweaters


Elastic waist jeans with a cute crop top sweater



Butterfly dress perfect for spring




She is the happiest little human being

We cuddle a lot & read books. I want her to associate books with happiness 🙂



Thankful for the restaurants that give her stickers to play with while we wait for our dinner  #genius #idea