I can’t imagine staying the same person year after year without growing into a better version of myself

Imagine if I had the same mindset that I had at 21 or 28

I want to constantly grow & get better each day

As I get older & go through life I am becoming the woman I was meant to be

We all have a story

Some share it with the world ; some would rather not

Because I am comfortable living my truth

I am able to speak my truth

I strive to live authentically & to be kind to the person I see in the mirror

I celebrate my uniqueness & love all aspects of me

There is only one you

We all have the power to flip the old & step into the new

No one else is like YOU






Love the ingredients in this product, it does hydrate the hair & makes it seem a lot more smoother.


I think it’s a great mask before cleansing the hair but not as a leave in or styling product. I usually massage into my scalp & then I add it to the rest of my hair while I do housework.


I do not like it as a leave in conditioner because it smells like $#%& way too strong & unpleasant. Y’all know I don’t like gross smelling anything. I also don’t like the texture of my hair when I use it as a leave in conditioner, it feels sticky/ greasy (YUCK) Yes I tried using less product still got the same greasy feel.


Nope,  I won’t purchase this again. Sorry Lush, at least I  LOVE your bath bombs 😉

This smells good enough to eat! I’m dead serious







photo 1-5 photo 2-5So I can’t really say enough good things about this lip scrub. Truth is it’s amazing I love it. It’s perfect for dry lips & even normal lips. It’s the perfect texture not too rough but rough enough to get the dead skin off. I also got the matching lip gloss 🙂 Nothing better than smooth lips especially if your wearing a nude lipstick.