About last-night . . .  We put together a  surprise party for my god mommy in 10 days !!! And it was a  #HIT So much love went into making this happen ; seeing her happy was everything. God is Good, all the time  🙂 🎁🎈🎂  

True Unconditional Love

On April 13 2013 my life changed in the best way possible. Gianna Valentina was born healthy 6lbs 15 oz. I still remember waking up that morning & feeling completely different, I can’t explain it. And I think maybe the look on my face looked different also because my husband decided to stay home from work that Friday. I sang to Gianna throughout the whole pregnancy ( I even took her to a NODOUBT concert when I was 5 mths) but that day Amazing Grace popped in my head so I was singing it to her all day, & even though I was extremely tired my husband made me go to prenatal yoga that day at 2pm; My water broke at 5 pm; I gave birth at 8:47 am Saturday morning.

That morning I heard the sweet sound of her first cry & it was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard in my life images-1 images-4 images-2

 It has been such an amazing journey. I’ve had so many firsts and a few lasts haha (first mommy mistakes); a year full of happy moments, a few tears here and there whether tears of joy or pure frustration lol.  It is truly one of my biggest responsibilities and goals in life to be a good mother to my child.   I’m proud of myself; proud of my husband and I feel so so blessed that we are her parents and we get to experience all of this together. My husband was raised by a single mother, I was also raised by only my mother & grandma. I would always pray & dream about having a loving family & I always knew that if I ever had children, they would have both parents & unconditional love. Gianna has two parents that love her more than life itself & two parents that love each other more than anything in the world. Thank you God.

I have mastered the cake pop! My dessert table came out pretty cool & I can’t wait to start my own desert company because I have absolutely fallen in love with making sweets! I love the creativity that comes along with making custom desserts! It’s soooooo fun ! ( Time consuming but very fun )IMG_0188 IMG_1738FullSizeRender-92IMG_0079 IMG_0083 FullSizeRender-91 IMG_0206 IMG_0207 IMG_0126 IMG_0072 IMG_0073 IMG_0074 IMG_0082 IMG_0078IMG_0024 IMG_9612

I thank God for our blessings everyday 🙂


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Thank you for reading my posts I appreciate you guys!

Big thanks to my amazing husband for being such a great man and letting me get all crazy with my Frozen ideas!

I love you and I love the love you have for me


Thanks to @flashpointgrafix