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Need this in my life 🖤

Red Carpet Beauty

Red Carpet Ready. Amazing night with incredible people. I feel so grateful & blessed to be in this industry. Gregory is such a funny man with crazy good talent. And Denika (wow) pure magic. I will always love MAC, truly the best.

Champagne, good food & makeup ! Doesn’t get any better than that



I call this my magic wand. Do want a salon perfect blowout ? Well this can get you there. Okay so I was at Bed Bath & Beyond when I saw this lovely tool. It was love at first sight. I’m a mixed chick so my hair is thick and curly. I’ve spent so many hours blow drying hen flat ironing my hair on top of all that. It’s was a long process and always such a hassle to straighten it but not anymore. This Magic wand dries and straightens my hair in less than 45 mins. I’m all about making beauty simple and easy. This has saved me so much time, I love it. Highly recommend.


Dry Brushing

• cellulite reduction

• Stress relieving

• Dead Skin exfoliating

• Lymphatic stimulating

It’s really easy. It’s very simple to do before getting into the shower. Takes less than 10 minutes & all you do is brush upwards towards the ❤️

Living up to “BEAUTY”



I remember when I caught my 2 year old watching makeup videos on her Ipad. That really put me in an awful position. I immediately started to think things like “Oh my goodness I don’t want my daughter to think she needs makeup to be beautiful” “Oh no I don’t want her to focus on her outer appearance I want her to focus on having a good heart” . I was being convicted.  It made me really think about myself & how there is this little girl looking up to me & watching me.  I had to take it seriously. Growing up I heard my mom say things like “Outer beauty means nothing  when you don’t have a good heart”.  I don’t know why but all my life I loved the beauty industry I mean I even got my cosmetology license at 23. I even run a so called beauty blog lol & have worked in the beauty industry for years.  I love beauty products but I also believe in inner beauty. At the end of the day that’s what really matters right?

There is something I wanted to touch upon. I am referring to the standard of beauty that our society holds today and the effects of the media in our lives and how much we are all influenced by what the culture tells us about our self image and worth. There is so much pressure to look skinny & younger each year it’s all so mind blowing.

I see so many women on instagram showing the world (as in complete strangers) all of their NAKED bodies. “I would die if my daughter did something like that”. Looking to the world to find acceptance and self worth is dangerous.

At age 24 I got breast implants which I totally regret now that I’m 31, I’ve been actually researching surgeons because I really want to take them out. That’s one thing about me when I want something I get it. When I don’t want something I get rid of it.

“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.” (Galatians 1:10)

My daughter is looking to me as her example, what is she seeing?

Does she see someone who is also very influenced by our culture and media?

Do I dress or act a certain way because of what society says or do I dress and act according to what the word of God says?

Do I see that I am beautiful because He says you are or do you try to live up to what the world deems beautiful?

Do I talk down about myself because I fit into the mold of the images that are in the magazines?

Whatever consumes my daughters heart will dictate and determine how she will think, act, and view herself. I want to teach her that beauty is something God created to glorify Him and that inner beauty and a desire to be a God-fearing woman is what matters most.

How to attain beauty the way the world teaches it is just an illusion and it leads so many girls into depression, eating disorders, insecurities, and body image issues. I have so many outer appearance insecurities (I’ll be the first to admit it), but I’m working on myself & and I’m learning to accept my flaws & all 🙂

Inner beauty is not promoted nearly as much as it should be in today’s society. It’s up to me as a mother to share with my daughter the true way to be beautiful and praise her for her inner qualities.

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Sephora 💕





Sephora has the best free gifts!  Love being a VIB !! Picked up a lip scrub,  lip mask & a boscia cleansing sponge 🙂 The lip scrub tastes so good & it’s edible 💋💋💋💋 Having soft lips is everything 💋💋💋💋 I bite my lips a lot so scrubbing them & masking them is important for me or else they just look super crusty. 

6 2014 Nyx Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer in Lavender

Has anyone ever tried this? I put a little on my hand & noticed a white residue :/

ps sorry about my chipped nail polish 🙁20160305_160145_resized