If it were easy everyone would be doing it. But it’s hard. I also LOVE FOOD (especially sweets) I tend to eat bad😫 but I’m trying to get better.(Baby steps) I am trying to learn about macros & how my body reacts to certain foods . I really need to figure out how to speed up my metabolism . So I’m working from home , homeschooling, raising 2 kids, cleaning my home, grocery shopping, playing outside with the kids, getting enough sleep, skin care rituals, praying, reading, hobbies, laundry, cooking, taking care of my hubby, self-care, etc. Sometimes it’s very hard to find the time & energy to get a workout in. Juggling everything can get complicated when your a working mom but it can be done. If anyone has any advice feel free to let me know 🙂 Moms need all the support they can get! Ain’t no hood like motherhood! If you are also on a fitness journey lets connect 🙂

 P.S. Just wanted you to know that you are also capable of anything and I love motivating women throughout their journey. Mom’s are worth it and I want to prove that to you. If you are finding it difficult (like me) to stay motivated, I just want you to know that YOU are worth it! And you deserve to feel good, look good, and be healthy.

Keep Pushing XOXO

I found this resistance band online that has been useful. I love fitness gadgets 😎

👙 Summer Is Almost Here â˜€ï¸

If it wasn’t for the kids club at the gym I’d probably never workout. It has been such a blessing to have a membership at 24 hour fitness. I love working out but I know I need go harder because I’m not as toned as I was prior to having a baby.

It’s very hard to stay motivated & make time to exercise but I love the way exercise puts me in a better mood & I love the feeling of accomplishment after I’m done.

If you know any good meals/workouts/ or workout videos for achieving a toned body please send me some recommendations 🙏