Babor Product Haul

 So Babor sent me these 🙂 😱😍 Such a lovely gift will review soon!   

Hello Saturday ! 

#DoctorBabor Collagen Booster Therapy Facial at the Aqua Star Babor Beauty Spa at #TheBeverlyHilton Using ultra-potent #hyaluronicacid & #collagen to plump the skin & smooth out lines & #wrinkles. First I apply a collagen sheet mask to the skin then a I sculpt the face with a plaster mask to enhance the effects of the treatment. This lifts, reshapes the facial contours & creates an occlusion effect on the skin which speeds up absorption of the active ingredients. #bblogger #skincare #Babor #myfavorite #beautycare #esthetician #skincarejunkie #instabeauty #baborspa 

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Skin Illuminator

I received a complimentary Babor brightener last week & I love it! Added a little to my cheeks & it lasted all day.

I love trying new makeup!! IMG_9244 IMG_9239-2 IMG_9238-2 IMG_9237-2

  • Handy applicator brush and a luxurious metal case
  • Perfectly conceals small imperfections
  • Long lasting

A brightener in a luxurious metal case with a practical applicator brush. It is long lasting and conceals small imperfections perfectly. The mimetic pigments do not build up in lines no matter what facial movements your face makes. It protects, treats and regenerates thanks to its lifting complex.

Gifts From Babor

I love when we get gifts at work ! Rounded peach kernals in the mild peel feels great on the skin & fluid/serums are always great to re-boot for the skin. 


Babor Cleansers



Two of my favs




HY-ÖL®, a hydrophilic cleansing oil suitable for all skin types, contains pure, natural soybean, sesame and peanut oils, as well as quillaja extract, which
enhances the cleansing effect. HY-ÖL® is used in combination with the Phytoactive for the specific skin type to remove both oil- and water-soluble impurities gently yet thoroughly, without leaving any feeling of tightness. It lets skin breathe freely and gives the complexion a fresh, rosy appearance.
Free of preservative



Active ingredients:

  • Subtilisin + lipase: Removes dead superificial skin cells
  • Vitamin C: Creates a radiant complexion


What’s not to love about AHA peels? This is a fruit acid peeling mask that has a combination of glycolic & lactic acid.

Have you ever had the chance to try an AHA peel ?

– minimizes fine lines & wrinkles
– removes dead skin cells & deep-seated impurities
– accelerates the rate of cell division & thus skin renewal
– ensures a fresh and even complexion with a healthy glow