DB Method

Burn baby burn. I want a nice toned round booty like jlo. No shame in my game. I mean it’s not like I don’t have time or anything. I’m chasing down my dream bum 1 squat at a time. https://thedbmethod.com/ Can also be used for arms . I like it.

HIIT Workout

This is a great workout to sweat it out a little. I can’t live without my Watermelon Celsius drink, it helps me function. The thing about working out is that I never want to but in the end I’m always glad I did. Plus I really want a toned body and I need to work harder to get it. I want JLO’s body lol that’s my goal!


If you have this cardio machine at you gym do it! It’s the best full body workout 🙂 I try to do an hour & burn at least 600 calories 💦 makes me drip in sweat I love it!!