Love the ingredients in this product, it does hydrate the hair & makes it seem a lot more smoother.


I think it’s a great mask before cleansing the hair but not as a leave in or styling product. I usually massage into my scalp & then I add it to the rest of my hair while I do housework.


I do not like it as a leave in conditioner because it smells like $#%& way too strong & unpleasant. Y’all know I don’t like gross smelling anything. I also don’t like the texture of my hair when I use it as a leave in conditioner, it feels sticky/ greasy (YUCK) Yes I tried using less product still got the same greasy feel.


Nope,  I won’t purchase this again. Sorry Lush, at least I  LOVE your bath bombs 😉

Lush Lastnight

I mean who wouldn’t love a barbie pink bath!?💕  Smells good & leaves my skin silky smooth. Made my bathroom smell like jasmine (super feminine scent) 
Which bath bombs have you tried ? 

About Lastnight . . .

I didn’t want to get out of the bathtub. The smell was amazing & I really couldn’t believe how soft my skin was after I got out. Bathing with roses made me feel like Cleopatra, super relaxing & very romantic.
I will order more. Thank you #LUSH

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