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Bubble Bath Feels

There is something really great about putting the kids to bed & taking a warm bath. I love it. It’s how I relax. Little treats like a bubble bath make me feel so happy and calm. I truly believe that self care is a form of self love. Magnesium Bath Flakes help me sleep like a baby and release any muscle tension. I love getting the little seaweed packs from the store to add to my bath which makes it even more calming. Some stuff I use in my recipe for self-love involves nighttime baths, skin routine, nature, playing with my babies, cooking, exercise, music, reading good books, reading the Bible, eating good food, kid-free date nights, and meditation. What’s your self love recipe?

I Stay Reading 📚📝

Reading & learning is so important to me. I really love reading self help books because I enjoy learning different tools for life & I also love being inspired by people who have achieved their wildest dreams.  
I love inspiring people & I love when people inspire me ✒️