If it were easy everyone would be doing it. But it’s hard. I also LOVE FOOD (especially sweets) I tend to eat bad😫 but I’m trying to get better.(Baby steps) I am trying to learn about macros & how my body reacts to certain foods . I really need to figure out how to speed up my metabolism . So I’m working from home , homeschooling, raising 2 kids, cleaning my home, grocery shopping, playing outside with the kids, getting enough sleep, skin care rituals, praying, reading, hobbies, laundry, cooking, taking care of my hubby, self-care, etc. Sometimes it’s very hard to find the time & energy to get a workout in. Juggling everything can get complicated when your a working mom but it can be done. If anyone has any advice feel free to let me know 🙂 Moms need all the support they can get! Ain’t no hood like motherhood! If you are also on a fitness journey lets connect 🙂

 P.S. Just wanted you to know that you are also capable of anything and I love motivating women throughout their journey. Mom’s are worth it and I want to prove that to you. If you are finding it difficult (like me) to stay motivated, I just want you to know that YOU are worth it! And you deserve to feel good, look good, and be healthy.

Keep Pushing XOXO

I found this resistance band online that has been useful. I love fitness gadgets 😎

Relax & Chill Smoothie

Did you know that you can treat your skin from within ?  Blend until it’s creamy-smooth baby!

So , here is what I do :

1 cup of almond milk, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, 1 date, 1/2 a banana, 1 scoop of marine collagen, 1 scoop of collagen peptides, 1 scoop of inulin, 1 scoop of adaptogenic, & some ice. I like to top mine off with chia seeds & coconut flakes. I added links to get some of the supplements, everything else you can find at the grocery store. Cheers!

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

It’s easy and cheap . Thats a win win situation if you ask me. I do this once a week. Sometimes I warm the oil most of the time I don’t. I always leave it on overnight. I also use this before a hot pilates class. A healthy scalp = healthy hair. I want long healthy hair, like I’m talking “Rapunzel” so I’m trying this Red Pimento oil to help me out. We shall see.

Healthy Food = Healthy Skin



White onion

Low sodium soy




Seaweed salad

missing ginger & sesame seeds but this place didn’t have that option 🦄

Foods get broken down into vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body can use to build healthy skin 🙌🏽

Why I Started Eating Breakfast

As some of you know I really hate eating breakfast but a few nutritionists have convinced me start loving it lol. If it were up to me I’d have a cup of coffee & be done with it. But I’ve learned that when you are trying to lose weight breakfast is not the meal to skip. When your asleep your metabolism slows down, so there’s nothing like a healthy breakfast to get it going it for the day.

Some Breakfast Ideas To Get The Engine Going




Berries w/ yogurt

 Ezekial bread w/ Avocad0

Protein Shakes


IMG_5381Today I had poached eggs with avocado on top of toast. I added pepper for some flavor 🙂

How I Kicked My Diet Coke Addiction 

Why Diet Coke Is So Bad 

Soda bottles & cans contain a chemical called BPA , which may alter hormones.

Increases your risk of type 2 diabetes

Increases your risk of having heart attack by 47%

The list goes on & on, soda is one of the worst drinks you can ever put into your body. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to quit soda  (it was so difficult) I was addicted to diet coke for a long time. I started drinking soda as a kid & all thru my 20’s. 

How I quit : 

I started drinking sparkling water.

 I also started to research soda & I found out it’s really really bad for your health. 

My husband doesn’t drink soda. He would remind me how bad it was whenever I wanted one.

I think back & really see how my mind was playing  tricks on me. I literally would try to convince myself that I didn’t have an addiction to diet coke & that I could quit but the truth is quitting soda was extremely difficult for me. We all battle addictions it isn’t always drugs or alcohol it can be anything. 


Some Of My Excuses 

Once in a while is okay

I’ve had a rough day I deserve this diet coke

Just this one time 

I’ll quit tomorrow 

7 months without soda 

*When I was pregnant I quit soda for about 10 months but after she was born I started drinking it again.

Since January of this year I haven’t had Diet Coke.  I must say I do crave it now & then,  the temptation gets hard sometimes. But when I do crave one I always think about how long I’ve gone without it & I don’t want to mess up. I want my mind to be stronger than the soda.

 It takes baby steps. I encourage you to find strength & quit anything that you know is unhealthy for you.