Tonya Zavasta – Beautiful On Raw

Tonya Zavasta is the author of seven pioneering books on the link between raw foods, optimal health and natural beauty. With a mathematics/science background, Tonya’s comfort zone reaches from quantum physics to cellular metabolism to the salad bowl.

Confronted with the necessity of extensive hip surgeries to enable her to walk normally, Tonya sought a lifestyle that would support her recovery and offset the ravages of multiple  operations.

Her tireless research led her to the beautifying powers of raw foods and since the age of 39 Tonya has been following a 100 percent raw food lifestyle. Sixteen years later, she is walking testimony to the power of the raw foods to bring out the natural beauty within all of us.

Her books, Your Right to Be Beautiful and Beautiful On Raw are about how to radically improve your life, health and appearance through the raw food lifestyle. Her latest books Quantum Eating and Raw Food and Hot Yoga are an exploration of the most advanced anti-aging practices.

Now in her mid 50s she radiates health in every sense of the word, and teaches “raw eating” all across the world.

Below are some questions I asked Tonya 🙂


For people who are trying to go raw what supplements do you recommend to get the right vitamins in your body? 


It always baffles me when people go raw – which means they are now consuming more vital nutrients than some whole neighborhoods – yet then they begin worrying about whether they are getting enough vitamins. I don’t take any supplements. Some people might need them temporarily, but overall I believe supplements do more harm than good. I discuss this issue at length in my book Quantum Eating.


What type of workout do you do daily? Would you say eating raw would be difficult for the person who has vigorous workout routines? 


Bikram yoga 90 minutes and belly dance 2 hrs every day. Often I will add some weight training. I would say all of this is pretty vigorous. It’s because I am 100% raw, I am able to enjoy such a vigorous routine. More information in my book Raw Food and Hot Yoga.


Can you share with us a beauty tip 🙂 


I believe exfoliation is the most important part of a beauty regimen, and the most effective way I’ve found to exfoliate is also the simplest and least expensive one: dry brushing. Gentle manual facial brushing will speed up cell turnover, maximize oxygen intake, strengthen the skin’s inner structure, and eventually reverse some of the effects of aging. I offer a dry brush on my website but you can use another one. The key is to find a brush with bristles that are gentle enough that you can use it daily, yet stiff enough to effectively slough off dead skin cells. I describe how to dry brush on this section of my site.


What music genre is your absolute favorite? 


Russian romance.


What’s your favorite quote? 


Here is one of many: To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. ~Thich Nhat Hanh


In your words describe what the meaning of life is:


The ancient thinkers said it better than I ever could: Know Thyself! There are many paths people can take in the pursuit of self discovery. In my view, making your body super clean and healthy via the raw food diet is a good way to start.

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