What’s your favorite coffee? Which benefit from your morning mug do you appreciate most? Comment below 🙂

This is my go-to when it comes to store bought coffee. I love that it also has protein inside. Good Stuff!! Oh and you can get it on https://www.amazon.com/. I love how Amazon has almost everything, what a time saver! I still love my https://www.starbucks.com/ but I can’t wait in that long line all the time. Ain’t got time for that. But if I do then I get 4 shots over Ice with White Chocolate Mocha 🙂

Did you know that coffee can vanquish your cellulite or remove your raccoon eyes in an instant? Coffee also has antioxidants called polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acids which can help fight the aging process. CHEERS! DRINK UP!

Nature’s Face Lift

Have you ever tried Aloe Vera gel?

It has 75 different nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes which are all great for your skin. Sometimes I use this instead of lotion & it leaves my skin extremely moisturized & not greasy.  Of course using the raw plant would be better but since I don’t have this plant I’ll do the next best thing & use this gel. IMG_1592

Beauty Tip : Mix this with oatmeal & you have yourself an amazing exfoliator

To tone or not to tone….






Yes you do need a toner.

Toners help skin return to its natural ph level. PH is the balance between acidity & alkalinity. Skin is at its healthiest when its slightly acidic. Acid prohibits bacterial growth that can cause acne. Alkaline skin is more prone to wrinkles & sun damage. A toner also assists penetration of treatments and moisturizers. If you are interested in seeing results from your serums and moisturizers, tone before using them.

Another benefit of using a toner is to get the hard water residue off of the skin.  Chlorine and hard minerals are left on your skin after you rinse off the cleanser products.  These minerals can dry your skin & cause wrinkles.