It takes practice guys

I love cake pops & I love baking so I have decided to learn how to make these little balls of joy. Below are pictures from my first attempt lol (I know it’s terrible & sad)


Rule #1 Never use this plastic bottle dispenser it SUCKS


I will master the cake pop, eventually. But for now I’m making mini corn dogs. 
IMG_9422 IMG_9421 IMG_9419 IMG_9418 IMG_9417

If you have any tips on making yummy cake pops please let me know IMG_9416

Chocolate Covered Oreos



Melt the Chocolate

Partially fill the mold

Add the Oreo

Top off the Oreo with melted chocolate

Chill the mold in the refrigerator for like 15 minutes


Makes the perfect dessert !


IMG_9042 IMG_9041 IMG_9040 IMG_9039-2IMG_9038< i love sweets >