Red Carpet Beauty

Red Carpet Ready. Amazing night with incredible people. I feel so grateful & blessed to be in this industry. Gregory is such a funny man with crazy good talent. And Denika (wow) pure magic. I will always love MAC, truly the best.

Champagne, good food & makeup ! Doesn’t get any better than that



I call this my magic wand. Do want a salon perfect blowout ? Well this can get you there. Okay so I was at Bed Bath & Beyond when I saw this lovely tool. It was love at first sight. I’m a mixed chick so my hair is thick and curly. I’ve spent so many hours blow drying hen flat ironing my hair on top of all that. It’s was a long process and always such a hassle to straighten it but not anymore. This Magic wand dries and straightens my hair in less than 45 mins. I’m all about making beauty simple and easy. This has saved me so much time, I love it. Highly recommend.


Marilyn Monroe

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Nivea and vaseline for a glow on camera

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Erno Laszo Phormula 3-9 before bed

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Erno Laszlo Active phelityl Cream day cream

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Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

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Chanel No. 5 to bed

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream always in her makeup bag

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Elizabeth Arden Smokey Eyes Powder Pencil in Espresso for her sultry eyes

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Helena Rubenstein Long Lash Mascara

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She was absolutely stunning

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