Dear Mother

We the best (dj khaled voice)

Mother’s Day 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to you & your Mommy. Because I lost my mom when I was young it’s important for me to acknowledge anyone feeling sad or lonely today. You are not alone. Trust me God knows your pain. I am sending all my love to you on this day. To those fighting fiercely thru addiction, those who have lost a mom or a child, – whatever the the situation. Today I remember all my moms amazing qualities and her sweet love. I will never forget the hands that raised me. She was the only one who truly loved me unconditionally and now I get to show that love to my precious babies. Today I will play some good music, eat some good food and smile because that would make her happy. She taught me to be good to people and help others. She wanted me to enjoy this beautiful life. I have the best memories of her that will last a lifetime. I miss you my angel, my mommy. And Happy Mother’s Day to my grandma who is 95, I’d be nothing without you. I’ll never know a stronger more beautiful gangster soul than yours. You are the real OG.

Happy Birthday Mom

She is always with me. She is the butterfly in the sky. She is the smell of certain perfumes and foods. She’s my warm breath in the air on a cold night. She’s the music that makes me sing & dance. She’s the one who taught me how to pray. She was my first love & my best friend there was no one in the world 🌎 that understood me like her. An unbreakable bond that nothing could ever break not even death. 🎂🎈 Happy 56th Birthday my little Angel👼🏼   

Somedays I just sit & remember. I Hope the angels are holding her close and singing her a Happy Birthday song ❤️
Philippians 4:7