My #1 Bath Oil


Fun Fact : Cleopatra was famous for her beautiful skin, some say she soaked in baths of oils, flowers & milk.


Babor Cleansers



Two of my favs




HY-ÖL®, a hydrophilic cleansing oil suitable for all skin types, contains pure, natural soybean, sesame and peanut oils, as well as quillaja extract, which
enhances the cleansing effect. HY-ÖL® is used in combination with the Phytoactive for the specific skin type to remove both oil- and water-soluble impurities gently yet thoroughly, without leaving any feeling of tightness. It lets skin breathe freely and gives the complexion a fresh, rosy appearance.
Free of preservative



Active ingredients:

  • Subtilisin + lipase: Removes dead superificial skin cells
  • Vitamin C: Creates a radiant complexion

Hey guys have you ever tried this?


Moringa Oil

Helps in enhancing fairness of skin by bringing back the balance of natural skin color and tone.

Curbs the activity of free radicals on the skin

Has the ability to delay if not prevent the aging process of the skin