Dear Santa

Smoothest shave ever   


Soft legs all season long

Even if I wear pants I still like to keep my legs shaved, it just feels good to have soft legs. Anyways,  I’ve put together some tips that have helped me get a better shave & I hope they help you too!


* Shave after skin is softened in the shower by the steam, your leg hair will soften up a bit & will make it easier

* You should not use soap in place of the shaving cream as it will dry your skin out

* Between every stroke, you should rinse your blade

* Switch blades every two to three uses to ensure a sanitary blade. And make sure that the blades are completely clean/dry before storing in a cool, dry place.

* Exfoliate your legs before & after shaving

* If you are prone to ingrown hairs, try using a cleanser with glycolic acid

* Always moisturize after shaving

* Use a razor with 5 blades for a smoother shave



I recently tried shaving with Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel (I won’t do that again lol) It left my skin very soft but it clogged my razor & I had to throw it away.300






Target Buys

I must say this shaving cream really leaves my skin soft & hydrated. I like how it comes out in a gel form & then lathers into a foam. I don’t have acne but this body wash smells amazing I had to get it  (i love grapefruit)  Makes a good lather & leaves skin feeling squeaky clean.
Both products smell good & not expensive 😉 photo