Okay so I overplucked the brows a little in high school & they never grew back. After high school I put my trust in various people who have all butchered my poor brows. So, I do them myself now. And you can too! It takes practice and it can get messy but practice makes perfect 😉

Happy waxing! 

Items needed to do your own at home waxing:

Wax Warmer


Waxing strips

Pre-wax cleanser ( I use witchhazel)


Spoolie brush


Eyebrow Game 

 I have to admit #AnastasiaBeverlyHills formula is great quality. I can always depend on these products to make eyebrows look natural & well groomed.  
 The tinted brow gel is a perfect way to set your brows & keep them looking great all day. A must have in every makeup artist kit

I use the highlighting pencil to make the arch look defined & I’ve also used it for the waterline

  When it comes to eyebrows no one does it better than Anastasia 


After buying so many crappy pencil sharpeners I finally found a good one 👌🏽

Hairstyle # 31

don’t want none if you don’t got buns hun 😜

For a slick bun I add this wax product to help my baby hairs from poppin out 😌 It smells yummy & gives your hair a glossy shine. If you have a busy life, a bun will save you time & it is super easy to do !