Today my little girl is 1

A year ago today I heard you cry the moment you were born …that was the moment I really became a mom. When you & I locked eyes for the first time that was the day I felt love in the purest form. That was the day you took my heart and wrapped it around your tiny little finger. That was the single best day of my life & the day my life began. You will ALWAYS be my baby…remember that always my dear sweet angel. I love dancing & singing with you just like me & gramma did when I was a baby. I am forever grateful for the joy you’ve brought into my world.Thank you for showing me a type of love I never knew could exist. You are the greatest gift God has given us & I thank Him everyday for you. You are such a happy sweet girl & I love you more than any words could ever describe. I love you more than
all the stars in the sky, all the leaves on the trees, and all the grains of sand on every beach. You are the gleam in your fathers eye & You are the sunshine in my life. I am so happy I get to be your mommy ! Happy 1st birthday my little angel mommy loves you.


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