The Body Shop

 My husband & I are obsessed with the coconut body butter. It leaves our skin so soft, it’s non-greasy, & it absorbs into the skin so quickly.

On Black Friday I decided to order the peach body butter & I like it 🙂 The scent is very light & not overbearing. Would I re-order the peach body butter? No, I’ll stick to my coconut scent.

I also ordered the Hemp Hand Protector. I squirted out a dime size into my hands and then it hit me …… the smell was disgusting. Although it did make my hands feel really moisturized, I would never use this again. I wish they made an unscented version.

4 thoughts on “The Body Shop

  1. Haha… I live by using the hemp hand protector, granted it doesn’t smell great but it worked wanders for my dry, sore and flaky hands Xx

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