Shea Terra Organics

Back in 2012 I ordered the Shea Terra Mamas Gold Stretchmark oil & shea butter. Flash forward to 2014 & the owner (Tammie) of Shea Terra contacted me thru LinkedIn! Crazy right? I was so excited & I told her how much I loved her products & how they helped me so much throughout my pregnancy.

Below are some new products that I’ve received from Shea Terra & I wanted to share them with you  🙂

Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash

The first thing I want to talk about is the Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash. It’s like a mini light peel for your skin, makes your skin tingle. I love how it made my skin feel so soft & moisturized, I am very pleased with this product.


spring water, Yoruban black soap (cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm kernels, camwood bark), certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide (electrocuted salts- what makes oil into soap), certified organic rose hips oil, Kalahari mineral salts

Rwandan Maracuja Oil (cold pressed)

The next product Tammie sent me is called Maracuja oil. I’ve never heard of this oil & I’ve been missing out big time ( this stuff is better than argan oil). Maracuja oil contains higher amounts of antioxidants than argan oil & it has a high content of essential fatty acid which will do wonders for your skin. I’ve been using it every night on my face & I’m going to start using it on my scalp because I need all the moisture I can get.


100% pure maracuja oil


Some Benefits of African Black Soap & Maracuja Oil Are :

Improves skin tone

Evens out skin tone

Reduces Inflammation

Has deep cleansing action

Helps heal acne

Exfoliates Skin

High in antioxidants

Makes your skin radiant


I’ve been a long-time customer & I hope you can visit her website soon ! FullSizeRender-59 IMG_5564

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