Less Is More

Had lunch with my male friends the other day & it inspired this post. They had some opinions on things they didn’t like women to do lol thought I’d share with you …  (Of course everyone’s different & everyone likes different things)






Too much makeup

Red lipstick

Hugging a guy with makeup on and leaving it on his jacket

Sleeping over and leaving makeup all over his pillows

Taking off eyelashes or extensions if you are over at his place

Don’t mark your territory, leaving behind an eyelash,hair tie, hair extension

Don’t trick dudes with Spanx

Do wash your face before sleeping on his bed, getting makeup on his sheets is a complete turn off for guys

–Some guys won’t tell you these things because they want to “be nice” but believe me they notice. The same way women notice things about a man like when they leave the toilet seat up lol.



My husband personally hates black nail polish, red/ dark colored lipstick on me lol he says it’s just too loud & looks cheap I love his honesty.

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