Grandma Green Thumb


I wanted to share some pictures from my gram’s house. She grows the prettiest flowers & plants, it inspires me each time I go over to visit her. She is so funny, most of her flowers have come from people’s homes where she’ll grab a piece of stem from a flower she likes & will come home to plant it. There’s a cool story behind each plant but my favorite story is about the white Calla Lilly that starting growing out of nowhere!  My grandma never planted it. What’s even more amazing is that the Calla Lilly was my mother’s favorite flower in the whole world, & it started growing in my grandma’s garden the year after my mother passed away. 🙂 That is God’s work.IMG_7930 IMG_7929 IMG_7928 IMG_7927 IMG_7926 IMG_7925 IMG_7924 IMG_7923 FullSizeRender-94 IMG_7921 IMG_7941 IMG_7938 IMG_7937 IMG_7935 IMG_7933These are just a few pictures of some of her plants & flowers, she has much more all over the house.

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