Wendy Williams Says “Marriage And Babies” Will Stunt Your Career Growth!

images-1I love Wendy, she’s witty, smart, personable, & hardworking. I love watching her show when I can. Wendy is married, has a son, & a great career.

BUT Marriage & Children do not stunt your career Wendy. She is right to an extent, but there are exceptions, and no one broad stroke is right for everyone! I believe balance is a technique that can be learned thru experience & where can successfully find everything. In my particular situation my husband & I work together and we have found our balance.

I believe each woman is different & everything is not for everybody. And when you have a good man he encourages you to follow your dreams & goals. And when you have a good woman she will encourage you to follow your dreams & goals.

It’s really sad when women judge women I mean why can’t we support & encourage each other? A stay at home mother is not better than a mother who has a career & vice versa.


In My Opinion

It’s okay for women to work & have their family, mom, trusted babysitter to help them out. If a woman says she doesn’t need help with raising her baby she is a liar. Everyone needs help with their baby it is tough & my heart goes out to all the single mothers out there who don’t have the luxury of having family/friends/babysitters to help them.

When you meet a wonderful person and marriage is the next step, you have to be clear about the finances, religious practices, child rearing concepts, and YOUR future individual goals

What is right for one person is not right for another person. We don’t have the same DNA, we are all human yet we are all different.

Women are individuals, starting a family after 30 is a personal choice

There is no way you can judge a stay at home mother

There is no way you can judge a mother who also wants to have her own career

Judging people doesn’t define who they are, It defines who you are



One thought on “Wendy Williams Says “Marriage And Babies” Will Stunt Your Career Growth!

  1. Hear! Hear! I am only now starting up my own business. It is a long hard road. Much more difficult and involved that I imagined when I first started. I have been told SO MANY TIMES that if I keep trying to do this, my family will be the ones to suffer. I’m so glad I’m not the only one to see that it can be done.

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