At Home Hair Glazing


Yea that’s Iggy lol


 I would bleach my hair so much in the past (therefore its very porous) the darker color I have now tends to fade & get reddish tones after 4 or 5 shampoos.  That is why I use Redken Shades EQ to refresh the color & keep it from turning red. It’s  very easy to work with & it glazes your hair to create shiny healthy strands. I highly recommend this brand if your looking to add some spice to your hair. IMG_2635

I also use Agave healing oil & Matrix “Break Fix” after washing & conditioning my hair. The Agave is a lightweight oil that smells great & it contains coconut extract.

Btw I use a cotton t-shirt to dry my hair. Rubbing your hair with a towel while wet can break the hair shafts and lead to damaged strands. 
IMG_2632Equal  Parts


Acidic pH = Ensures gentle processing for outstanding condition and shine Long-Lasting Colorants = Creates vibrant haircolor that fades on tone No-Ammonia, No-Lift Formula = Won’t lighten hair’s natural pigment; minimizes swelling and cuticle damage Wheat Amino Acids = Help lock in moisture and protect condition of hair Silicone = Improves shine and wet combatability


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