Do you wash your face every night?

IMG_2244-2 IMG_2243

* When you leave your makeup on too long your pores will clog and that can lead to large pores, acne, rashes, and irritated skin.

* Your face needs to exfoliate naturally by shedding the dead skin, but if your makeup is left on your face, it does not allow that to happen.That can cause a dull appearance & flaky dry skin.

* Not removing eye makeup could cause eye irritation and infection. Your eyelashes can even become brittle and break by leaving mascara on over night. To prevent this, I always take off any left over eye makeup especially lash glue

* Washing your face removes not only makeup, but the dirt and dust that your face accumulated throughout the day. Makeup clogs your pores and is filled with all the outside elements from the day like dirt, dust, smoke, smog, etc. The make-up acts like a magnet for all of those things.

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