Wedding Season 

Some Tips for my fellow makeup artists 😌
• Primer – Keeps the foundation in place and adds lustre to the skin. 

• Longwearing Foundations – These stand the test of time and will not fade during the day. ***Use waterproof foundation 

• Waterproof Liner & Mascara – 

• Individual Lashes – A lot of brides want lashes on the day but aren’t necessarily used to wearing them. Suggest individuals since they don’t feel like anything and you can control the intensity and tailor them to your brides eye shape.

• Lipstick with staying power – With all the kissing, eating and drinking that will take place, use lip products that have staying power.

Pre-wedding consultation are…

• What is the location and time of day the wedding will take place? Ask for an agenda.

• What is your favorite picture of yourself?

• Do you have an example of how you want to look?

• What is the size of the wedding party? Price accordingly.

• Will touch ups be required and scheduled? If not offer a touch up key for a small fee.

• What will the bridesmaids’ look be? One look that can be tweaked for each will help you stay on time and create uniformity

• Are there any special needs? Such as tattoo or scar cover.

• Will this be photographed in black and white, color or both? Negotiate a photo for your book from the photographer.

*Always have a signed contract with a list of policies for clarity. This way you avoid being out of pocket if cancellations happen or the size of the bridal party changes.

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