No Risk No Gain


So much has happened in the past couple of weeks. I quit the spa at the Hilton & have started a new journey at Ulta as a skin therapist doing facials, makeup etc. My manager got me this going away cake **tear** She was the absolute best & not the reason I left Hilton. The reason why I left Hilton was because I felt the need to grow & it was not happening there. Some of the people that worked there were “Debbie downers” & not doing what they love; simply just there for the paycheck. I also felt stagnant at the spa & had a constant thought in my mind to do greater things & meet new people ( I also think of it as the Holy Spirit urging me to leave & grow)

Change is uncomfortable & scary but if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. And the only way to become who you are truly meant to be is to accept the fact that change is inevitable.

The Hilton opened so many doors of opportunity for me & I will be forever grateful.

I was offered the skin therapist position at Ulta & I took it !

I am excited to be using Dermalogica for my facials at Ulta & to be working with so many beauty account executives in this huge world of beauty.


Stay Tuned 🙂

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