Start Out Healthy

It seems like everyone around me has been getting sick lately so I’m trying my best to take preventative action & do all I can to NOT get sick. I am currently taking below products to help strengthen my immune system.

Please share with me 🙂

What do you do/ take to prevent from getting sick?


A natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It also helps boost your immune system & can treat & prevent infections.


Useful for colds & respiratory infections, echinacea can also reduce the duration of a cold.


I feel like I have the dynamic duo helping me stay healthy!


Oh & the Emergen-C well it tastes great plus it has like 1000 mg of vitamin C so that has to help in some type of way 😉

FullSizeRender (29)


*Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have*

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