My husband uses Clobestasol for his flare up’s which hasn’t been working lately, ugh  (The Struggle)

All thru my early 20’s I had Psoriasis flare ups on the back of my neck (thank goodness my hair would cover it up). When I got pregnant in 2012 with my daughter I started eating more fruits and vegetables (super healthy diet).  I also started taking more vitamins & my Psoriasis went away.

The exact cause of Psoriasis remains unknown. Personally, I feel like Psoriasis is caused by an unhealthy diet, & poor health . We’ve heard great things about Chinese Medicine & how it has helped so many people dealing with Psoriasis, maybe one day he’ll try it.

IMG_8380 Unknown images-2

What helps reduce Psoriasis ?

Fish oil

Getting regular massages


Dead Sea Salt

Tea tree oil

Eating Clean

Fruits & Veggies


Traditional Chinese Medicine




One thought on “Psoriasis

  1. I agree with your assessment. Healthy diet and lifestyle works wonders for many kind of ailment. Also the sun! Good ol vitamin D! Great post and glad yours cleared up!!!

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