You can buy red light therapy from . I chose LightStim because I’m good friends with the account executive in my area. With my license I also get a sweet discount. I love what it does for my skin. I also love how I get quick results in my client’s skin by using this magic wand on them. Bottom line is that it works no b/s. Now everyone’s skin is different but for me & my skin it has taken away brown spots that I thought I was going to have forever. If I would have known about this in my 20’s I would have started this in my 20’s. But I didn’t so I am just starting now at 35. I wish someone would have told me. Anyway this is a legit investment, it won’t let you down. It’s also super relaxing like (makes you want to fall asleep relaxing ). I usually do it at night to put me in the mood to sleep. (That’s a whole other blog post) Sleep & I don’t get along at times.

Okay so here’s what it does ( I love knowing how things work , I’m kinda boring but I am a real BIG nerd at heart) :

The wavelengths of light energy can treat your fine lines and wrinkles

🤯 light therapy was originally used by NASA for wound healing in space ( by the way I used it on a burn that I got while cooking & I literally have no scar because of this tool)

 It increases collagen and elastin production, reduces inflammation, speeds healing, increases circulation, destroys acne bacteria etc.

The list goes on & on people. Results may vary because everyone has different DNA 🙂 Just wanted to share what I learned.

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